ASP Members Benefit: ACS Deposits Your JNP Article in NIH PubMed Central

The NIH Public Access Policy mandates that NIH-funded principal investigators submit electronic copies of final accepted peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that report the results of research supported by NIH funds, for inclusion in the digital archive PubMed Central (

To help comply with this requirement, ASP members who publish in the Journal of Natural Products can now take advantage of a benefit offered to members of the American Chemical Society, our JNP co-publication partner: ACS will deposit at no extra cost on the author/ASP member's behalf the final peer-reviewed version of the manuscript and any supporting information directly to the NIH Manuscript Submission system, to be made available on PubMed Central 12 months after publication of the final article by the ACS. This service represents a $100 value per article, which is the regular charge for this service for ACS non-members.

For details, refer to the  AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL PUBLISHING AGREEMENT NIH POLICY ADDENDUMASP members simply check Option C and note their ASP membership number (can be obtained from your memberclicks profile) to initiate the automatic submission process.