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In today's world of e-mail, spam filters are essential tools - but sometimes they filter out important messages one actually wants to read. This can be a catch-22 for an organization like us: if our email messages get filtered by your spam filter, we will not be able to invite you to events, send you the latest ASP Newsletter (Newsletter Archives: click here) or make and ASP announcement, or remind you of a pending membership renewal. After all, email is essential for the communication between ASP and its members.

How can each member help? What is "whitelisting"?

By following two simple steps, you can make sure that ASP stays in touch with you:

  • Update your email address in your membership profile (forgot your password? the is a recovery tool!)
  • Make sure to configure your spam filter and allow messages from the memberclicks e-mail servers called ""
    • This process is known as whitelisting. A white list is part of the configuration of your email service. It keeps a list of legitimate email servers, from which your email service always accepts messages.
    • There are numerous ways to actually perform whitelisting - too many to list here. All depends on your email provider.
    • Typically, universities use Unix servers with whitelists accessible through configuration interfaces.
    • We realize that whitelisting not very inconvenient, but the price we have to pay for e-mail security.
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