How can each member help? What is "whitelisting"?

By following two simple steps, you can make sure that ASP stays in touch with you:

  • Update your email address in your membership profile (forgot your password? the is a recovery tool!)
  • Make sure to configure your spam filter and allow messages from the memberclicks e-mail servers called ""
    • This process is known asĀ whitelisting. A white list is part of the configuration of your email service. It keeps a list of legitimate email servers, from which your email service always accepts messages.
    • There are numerous ways to actually perform whitelisting - too many to list here. All depends on your email provider.
    • Typically, universities use Unix servers with whitelists accessible through configuration interfaces.
    • We realize that whitelisting not very inconvenient, but the price we have to pay for e-mail security.
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